Cement Drying Machine
Cement Drying Machine
Product Details

Model: BC-417A

Name: Cement Drying Machine

Capacity: 2000 Pairs/8h

Power: 32 kw

Pneumatic supply: 0.6 MPa

N.W.: 2850kg

Dimension(LWH): 13500x12500x1800mm

O BC-417A This machine is used to gelatinize dry and activation to the vamp and sole, and then turn over the claw, press the sole in order to shape. It has auto exhaust gas element and prevent the working environment from pollution. It is suitable for any kind of shoe style and the best for activation glue production line dryness device with high efficiency.

O The temperature of dry and reactivation for the vamp and sole can be controlled separately. The reactivation elements heating with the quartz lamp and get the better reactivation.

O The jet air chamber design to recycle use the hot air and save energy.

O Liquid drying treatment: first time dry glue, second time dry glue and reactivation. (This machine is also suitable for hydrosol).

O It can change the transmission speed to make the shoe stick to the sole quickly. The cement surfaces are dried and reactivated in 5-8 minutes as supposed to 25-30 minutes. Reduces the number of last required. Lower the cost and increase the production efficiency.

O The shoe branket with automatic adjusting device can suit for any kind size of shoes.