Enjoy dramatically richer intensity, detail, contrast and depth for a surreal viewing experience.

High Contrast with Full Array LED Back Light

See the most vibrant whites and deepest blacks for an incomparable level of contrast and clarity in any environment. Rows of LEDs are spread across the entire back panel of the monitor. Using a feature called local dimming, the LEDs are divided into zones that can be individually controlled and portions of the backlight dimmed whilst other areas remain illuminated.

Digital Signage

Scomplete ultra HD picture quality enables brands to offer viewers an outstanding viewing experience of their advertising content. The specially designed panel delivers true colour from any angle with 4 times the resolution of Full HD. Every seat has the perfect viewing angle.

High Brightness

High brightness lets the monitor excel in brightly lit indoor locations, even those awash in sunlight.

High contrast makes images clearly visible from a distance, which means that It can be installed in places where the LCD monitor is well out of reach – but not view – of target audiences.

Sporting Venues

Perfect for live venue broadcasting, it raises the viewing experience higher than ever, enabling viewers to discover a new reality in ultra HD and taking them beyond the screen into a world of total immersion.

Versatile Interface

UHD Monitor is fitted with versatile PC and AV terminals to which a wide range of equipment can be connected including HDTV recorders, Blu-Ray players and personal computers that support HDMI. It can also be set up to play slide shows and videos without the need for a PC. The built-in USB media player allows playback of UHD videos*, UHD photos* and music stored on a connected USB memory device.

Board Rooms

Restoring colour in real time and featuring a superior listening experience that will surround you from every direction, the masterpiece is perfect for video conferencing and meetings. Delivering ultra- smooth, ultra-precise and ultradetailed images and videos, true deep blacks and pristine whites come to life in the most magical way.

Full Array LED

The backlights the entire display, dimming, illuminating and reproducing images with enhanced vibrancy and intensity, resulting in an even greater sense of realism. 1 ratio for super- enhanced high contrast means that pictures have incredible depth, richness and detail; and blacks that are truly black.

Monitoring & Surveillance

Featuring a design that can withstand tough operation, Professional displays are perfect for catching every pixel with stunning clarity.